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Ctech Pay is a global payment platform that helps businesses accept payments securely while providing the best checkout experience for customers everywhere.

Ctech Pay, the payment integration that works, secure and faster.

If you run an online business, you need a reliable and secure way to accept payments from your customers. A payment gateway is a service that connects your website or app to a payment processor, which handles the transactions and transfers the funds to your bank account.

A reliable payment gateway is the backbone of any online business. It decides how smoothly a customer can complete the payment. Any unexpected experience or unsuitable online payment gateway can drive the potential customer away from purchasing the product or service.


Build customized payment pages with our out of the box solutions or via API. Easy integration with WordPress WooCommerce

Payment methods

Let your customers pay how they want to. Using Credit/Debit Cards and Airtelmoney

Merchant portal

View and manage all your data. Get instant reports on payments received, captured and refunded transactions.

Risk & fraud

Detect and block fraud, stop blocking legitimate customers now.


We provide a full range of modern digital payment integration services

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